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PCB & Components

A1 Microsave

Waveguide Components
U.K. based manufacturer of antenna feeds, circulators, combiners, couplers, filters, flexible, magic Tees, OMT’s, rotary joints, tapers, terminations, transitions & adaptors, twists


Bare Circuit Boards
Schematic & CAD creation, signal integrity & design verification. Single ended & differential controlled impedance, micro BGA, micro via, blind & buried vias, rigid & rigid flex. Offshore manufacturing


Underwater Connectors
M24217 & M24231 approved, hull penetrators, fiber optic feedthrus, downhole tool inserts, cable & harness assemblies, ruggedized gigabit Ethernet connectors

API Tech

Connectors, Capacitors, RF Components
Filter connectors, coaxial filters, film capacitors, advanced ceramics, magnetics, inductors, transformers, RF components & custom cable & harness assembly


GaAs Semiconductors
LNAs, gain blocks, power amps, switches, dividers and MESFETs


Coil forms, chokes, transformers, RF connectors, terminals, stand-offs, sockets, battery holders, custom products